Whole House Air Filter System Reviews: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for the best air filter system for your home? With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In this article, we'll review the top whole house air filter systems on the market and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. The Medify Air MA-112 V2 is a 0 Integer air purifier that works in Auto, Silent, and Dark plus Auto modes. In Auto mode, it reduces particles by 0.3 microns at 18.0% (ambient) and 26.4% (clean).

In Silent mode, it reduces particles by 6.5% (ambient) and 7.2% (clean). And in Dark plus Auto mode, with its primary PECO purification system turned off and its fan at the equivalent of a medium setting, it reduces them by 21.3% (ambient) and 18.0% (clean). These results suggest that the Molekule Air depends mainly on its physical prefilter, not its patented PECO mechanism, to remove particles. The Shark Air Purifier 6 is a large space machine that offers particulate and carbon filtration (activated carbon filter removes odors, pet dander, airborne allergens, and airborne gaseous contaminants). It is powerful enough to clean the air in a large living room or playroom, quiet and dark enough that you can sleep close to it in a bedroom, and inexpensive enough to make it reasonable to have several spread out all over the home.

The Shark Air Purifier 4 is a less powerful model. It's important to note that HEPA filters are capable of capturing droplets that the virus travels through (when people cough, talk or breathe). The IQAir Perfect 16 is a whole-house HVAC air purifier that uses HEPA filters and must be professionally installed in the ducts, in the return air duct. It can kill up to 99.97% of airborne particles in rooms up to 800 square feet. It's also important to remember that air purifiers can only eliminate allergens while they are floating in the air. Additionally, most air purifiers contain only a few ounces of filter medium, meaning they won't last long with regular use.

The best way to improve indoor air quality is to eliminate sources of pollutants and ventilate with fresh, clean outdoor air.